New Life through Science

Austin Biotec has created a new procedure by combining the previous 2018 clinical trial using PRP and a Greek ovarian rejuvenation program to produce Exotherapy™. 

This has rejuvenating effects on reproductive organs that studies have shown assist in life extension.

Fertility Treatment


A break through in progress

We are pleased to announce the Exotherapy™ procedure using mononuclear cells and extracellular vesicles to test the ability in reseeding the ovaries with functional oocytes and improving ovarian function.  This patient funded clinical trial was launched in 2022 with the activation of the lifestyle and baseline health check and currently we are actively seeking participants of women between the ages of 35 and 62.  A health and genetic screening will be required, as well as primary physicians approval. Ultrasound and bloodwork will also be performed to qualify patients for the study. The lifestyle and baseline health check has to be approved before full participation in the trial may begin.

This procedure uses autologous materials from the patient’s own body as an intervention.  Our study will assess the efficacy of replacing cells in the ovaries to differentiate into ova in vivo.