Wise Woman

And The New Limitless Paradigm

Society's view are changing on older mothers

Traditional views would have you believe that it is better to have children when you are younger. After all, statements like “you will be able to run after your children and not get out of breath” come to mind. Science is showing that it may be better to be an older mother. Women are no longer being judged for their age when it comes to being a mother. Some studies show that mothers over 35 remain more calm when pregnant. Although not every 35+ woman is more mature than the average 20 year old, the life experience, education and coping skills do tend to develop over time. In one women’s group on Facebook, an older mom in her late 30s proclaimed that she thought everyone was judging her for having a child at this age. Another women interjected and said “Heck, we all have our babies in our 40s in L.A.  Career first babies second.”  This is the new normal. As women we have the opportunity to break barriers and become limitless.  

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Benefits of older mothers

So what makes a case for the older mother? Certainly less health or fitness is a mark against the +35 set. Should we discount all the other benefits for the simple fact that science cannot thus far, keep us as healthy as we were in our 20s? As the science improves this issue may become less of a concern. The other benefits of having more emotionally maturity, more financially stability and more emotionally balanced children will far outweigh the negatives. This new normal is coming fast and furious and the future is closer than we think. 

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